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Five 2021 Design trends

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

1- MULTIFUNCTION: With all the changes in 2020, home is now a multi purpose space for entertaining, working and fitness.

2- STATEMENT OFFICE: A clear and separate space to work is needed these days. More and more, creating a dedicated office space is a must for clear thinking.

3- ZOOM STAGE: Setting the stage for Zoom meetings was not a thing nine months ago. In 2021, Background Decor will be “a thing”.

4- INSIDE/OUTSIDE: With everyone being inside, more than outside, making a space feel like both will trend this coming year.

5- SEPERATE ROOMS: In the paste five years, the open concept layout was “the” floor plan. Now, people are longing for separation, and will create separate Rooms in the home. #SOLINTERIORS #2021designtrends #inlandempireinteriordesigner #orangecountyinteriordesigner #sandiegointeriordesigner #brazilianinteriordesigner #remotelydesignconsultation #solfigueiredo

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