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Sol Interiors is a full interior design firm specialized in full-scale renovations, concept development for residential  and retail spaces, from selecting the architectural details to furnishing and styling. We partner with builders, architects, contractors, furniture makers and artisans to create bespoke interiors that are unique to our clients needs and sensibilities.  


My name is Sol Figueiredo, I was raised and born in Rio de Janeiro.

I graduated in Architecture in Brazil with a minor in interior design.
My studies and career expanded to the US in 2008 which helped me compose my unique and global design style.

​I am the Founder and Owner of Sol Interiors and member of the American Society of Interior Designers, with 20 years of experience in the interior Architecture industry. We specialize in full-scale renovations, from selecting the architectural details to furnishing and styling. I feel blessed and grateful for my clients and for the opportunity to work on amazing projects in Newport Beach, Crystal Cove and San Diego area.

 As a boutique studio, our Design values the quality of service and exclusivity on each project, focusing on serving a smaller number of clients in order to provide a tailored experience of luxury and excellence.


When is the right time to hire an interior designer?




"I had a fantastic experience with Sol. She cares and puts an incredible amount of time to find what you are about and builds a design around who you are and what you want...5 star!!"


"Sol was amazing. We had the majority of our furniture, but our home just was not what we wanted, it did not feel like home.  Sol understood what we needed and wanted.   She worked her magic and transformed our living spaces into a contemporary, welcoming, warm space, and we call Home."


"Sol is wonderful! I live in San Diego and she drove down from Orange County to meet with me. She listened to my ideas and helped me design a bathroom that was not only functional, but beautiful. She worked extremely quickly and her work was very detailed. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a designer with modern, chic taste."

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Los Angeles I Orange County I San Diego. CA  


Tel: 949-981-5016

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