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Design Express is a quick and impactful update!

Give your home a fresh new look with what you already have.

I practice sustainability and focus on working with what you already have whenever is possible and always will offer my clients multiple solutions for their design needs. 

All it take is some clever design tricks, rearranging some nice pieces you own, buying only what you really need.

Buying any more will only contribute to clutter. All the visual chaos 

is stressful and distracting.

Instead of running into the store, contact me for a consultation.


On our first meeting we will go over all your needs, style and budget.


I will measure your space and create a design custom to your wants and needs.




A Material Board will be presented  on our design meetings via Zoom..

I will come over to install and make the magic on your space.


Once the final design is approved, you will receive a digital board and a list of stores linked to the products we selected.

The digital board is your  reference guide and it will help you when you to go shopping. It will have details of the products, with photo, price and sizes.

You will be amazed of what you can do with what you already have!